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Flower Processing Lines

Processing Lines

Based on the increasing requests for very small & basic processing lines, which can be installed in even the smallest spaces, we’re now proud to introduce two intelligent low cost but highly efficient solutions:
the FH 1400 Compact and the FH 1400 Top!

flower process machine

FH 1400 Compact 2,5

Small machine with big performance!
You can now process flower bundles up to 140 cm length in this small machine. It can cut the bundles to one adjustable length and deleaf the bundle up to 35 cm. Processing speed goes up to 2500 per hour. a loose binder can be placed next to it
cutting and deleafing machine

FH 1400 Top 3.3 / 5.3 / 7.3

Universal machine for all kind of flowers!
Basic electronics makes sure you will work without problems for a long time. Cutting and deleafing in are available in a standard or extended version. Processing speed goes up to 2500 per hour.

FlowerHands Accessoires

Helpfull products while processing flowers for example sleeving, flower cutting, deleafing and bucketfillers




Sleeve holders

Sleeve holders

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