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Elastic binding machines

Cyklop’s elastic binders have been an established industry standard for many years now. Over the years, they have developed proven technologies, as a result of which the Cyklop machines are extremely reliable and perform stably in extreme circumstances.

Axro Basic / FQC-2

Fast to maximize labour productivity.
Ideal for unitizing small products, plastic tubing, loose wires, envelopes or cut flowers and other soft of delicate bundles or packages.
Using high strength, reinforced elastic cord, stays tight around bundles but won’t bruise or damage products.
Extremely easy operation, all functions executed automatically after trigging start switch.
Appropriate modern industrial design, covered mechanism for safety and protection against dirt.
Minimal maintenance, robust and noiseless.

Axro MD35 / MD60

XL Elastic binder
The AXRO-MD 35/60 (XL) is particularly designed for large products with a maximum feed through height up to 300 mm. and a feed through depth up to 600mm!
The machine is among other industries especially suitable for the floriculture, horticulture, tree plantations and cable industry. 
Naturally the AXRO-MD 35/60 is provided with the well-known AXRO-gripping-and-knotting technology.


Cylastic® is the best and most effective elastic cord for all your automatic equipmen
Cyklop elastics are developped for their own binders.
For simple binding with 1 rubber core, for flowers, vegetables and herbs is also a version with 3 rubber cores available
This makes sure the products stay together, but don't cut into the product!
Standard are 1 kg rolls, but for more efficiency
3,5 kg rolls (Jumbo) are available.
You will enjoy the constant quality Cyklop elastic gives!
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