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About FlowerHands

For the horticulture industry FlowerHands offers a full range of equipment for the processing and bundling of flowers. The advanced technology of our solutions combined with the technical service our organization have earned us an impeccable reputation in this area of the industry.
We offer standalone and system integrated flower binders, processing units for flower harvesting and bouquet fabrication and complete greenhouse logistics around this. Since 2019 we have developed our own low budget FH 1400 flower bundling line for small and medium growers.

Our machines for the flower industry

FH Machines

The new FH 1400 Flower Processing Line is a low cost revolution in handling flowers even for the smaller growers!

We also supply FH accessories like FH bucketfillers, FH standalone deleafers and FH sleeveholders for every flower grower in the world.

flower bundeling machine


BTM has been a renowned name in the field of high-end automated processing systems in (glass) horticulture.

BTM has an extensive range of machines; from user-friendly standard lines to fully automated sorting and bundling systems.

BTM flower bundeling machine


Cyklop has developed and tested binding technologies and as a result the Cyklop machines are extremely reliable and perform stably in extreme circumstances.

All Cyklop binders are available in various specifications and can be fitted with several options.

Cyclop elastic cord binder

Our flower processing solutions

compact Flower Processing Line
FH 1400 Compact
2,5m flower line
flower process machine
FH 1400 Top
flower processing
Chrysantemum flower processing
T2300 Chrysantemum
flower processing
Uniflor flower processing
T4100 Uniflor
flower processing
Elastic Binder Basic & Automatic
Elastic Binder
Basic & Automatic
XL Elastic Binder MD35/MD60
XL Elastic Binder
Flower Cutting Robots
Flower Cutting
Path Units
Flower Grading
Bucket fillers
Stand alone Deleafer
Stand alone
Sleeve Holders
FlowerHands is a tradename of Pack TTI bv
International trading company, focussed on supplying innovative mechanisation solutions for the Horticultural, Agricultural and Flower industry.

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