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Harvest flowers with our
Cutting Robots

T400 series
This advanced cutting machine, for cutting under the mesh, is designed so that it is the grower a proven increased return yields. The BTM cutting robot is the perfect addition to your BTM automated harvesting system.
  • Easy straightforward operation
  • Safe & ergonomic work
  • Low energy consumption
  • Optimized harvesting process

Harvest flowers quickly and effectively under the mesh with the T400 series Cutting Robots

The BTM T410 shearing machine was designed by BTM in cooperation with growers 25 years ago. The cutting robot machine is as optimal as possible and meets the wishes and expectations of the growers. Over the years BTM continued to improved and adjusted this successful product so that the T410 cutter meets all modern requirements. Meanwhile, more than 1000 BTM T410 are being distributed cutting machines around the world.


The cutting robot is equipped with a simple control panel and easy to operate. The machine drives indepently throught the field.


Also in terms of ergonomics, the T410 shearing machine complies with the latest applicable health and safety regulations. Turning the workers back is unnecessary during harvesting. Not in use the light machine is easy transported and stored.


Evey cutting robot is equiped with sensors and stops automatically wenn the cutting machine is full. At the moment flowers are removed the cutting robot starts driving again.


Due to the robust construction, the T410 shearing machine is built almost entirely from erosion-resistant materials in combination with the selection of solid controls, a long service life is guaranteed
General specifications

All types

  • Stepless adjustable speed
  • Model adjusted for extra space for feet
  • Differential for turning
  • Automatic stop when full
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Machine supplied with platt electrical plugs
  • 1 set of Batteries + battery charger


  • T416 BDP

  • 6 rows cutting

  • T417 BDP

  • 7 rows cutting

  • T427 BDP

  • 7 narrow rows cutting


Cutting robots in action

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Cutting robots?

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