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FH 1400 Top 3.3 / 5.3 / 7.3

Flower Processing Line

  • This Top version includes a saw and 30+ cm deleafing!
  • You can choose to have an infeed area for 1, 4 or 8 persons
  • The standard Top version is suitable for flowers up to 80 cm long, with the option of a wide cabinet, you can process flowers up to 140 cm!
  • Final flower length can be adjusted between 30 and 80 cm
FH 1400 Flower Process Line

Universal Flower Process Line

The FlowerHands 1400 Top Flower Process Line is the machine which any flower grower needs! It is extremely simple to use and guarantees highest productivity & production speed! It is slightly longer then the Compact version, as it has 2 integrated binding positions.
The FH1400 Top is a proven concept with unparallel reliability and output, thanks to continuous innovation, based on more than 40 years of experience. By only using standardized components, maintenance is easy, and repairs are fast and at minimal costs. This gives you a maximum up-time and the lowest cost of ownership.
Standard there are 2 positions behind the cabinet for binders. We advise the use of Cyklop Axro FQC-2 binders for quality bindings at the highest reliability and speed. We can also offer you the highest quality binding elastics for the best performance and the lowest operational costs.


FH 1400 Flower Process Line


This machine allows you to process the flowers in a fast and good way without the costs of a more complex machine!

FH 1400 Flower Process Line


In the processing cabinet of the FH1400 Top, you can process long flowers! Cutting the bundle for >50 cm and deleafing for >30 cm!

FH 1400 Flower Process Line


The complete machine is made of strong steel and finished with a good powder coating. This makes sure it will remain nice for a long time!

FH 1400 Flower Process Line


The technology used in this machine has been proved during all the years this system was used in well known "flower"countries like Netherlands and France.

General specifications

Specifications flower process line:

  • Additional to the general specifications as indicated for the FH 1400 Compact, the FH 1400 Top offers:

  • Three choices for the width of the infeed area, 650 mm (standard); 2650 or 4650 mm (for up to 8 persons)

  • Total machine length: 3.300 – 5.300 – 7.300 mm

  • Longer deleafing unit, with 4+4,5 brushes, for up to 350 mm deleafing (wide cabinet included); for processing flowers up to 1.400 mm length!

FH 1400 Flower Process Line

FH1400 Top in action


Combine the FH1400 top with the automatic elastic binder or create more work space and increase the capacity with our bufferbelts.

Cyklop AXRO FQC-2

Topswitch binder

1 or 2 pieces can be placed on the machine after the cabinet
high speed, best result
top quality

Buffer Belt

More capacity

As an add on we can offer a buffer belt (2.500 mm) with integrated control; adapted to the FH 1400 Including emergency stop and guiding snares. A plug & play solution, perfect for sleeving your bundles!

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