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T4100 universal BTM Machine

  • High-end solution for lines > 20 meters!
  • The BTM T 4100 is a high quality machine, which answers to all expectations.
  • Ideally suited for professional growers and bouquet makers.
  • The heavy-duty under frame makes the T4100 stable. 

Key aspects T4100 Uniflor Line

The T4100 BTM machine Uniflor guarantees high production quality, optimum uniformity and considerable labor savings. In addition, the transport system is extremely product-friendly and the T4100 can be used on almost all flower crops. The Uniflor can also be easily adjusted because the machine is made up of various functional modules. While developing the T4100 a lot of attention is given to ergonomics and durability. A very luxurious option is: by pushing only one button the BTM machine adjusts itself automatically in order or process the kind of flowers the operator selects


PLC steering of the system enables the perfect working speed and safety checks

More safe

When the elastic breaks, the machine stops to prevent from having incomplete bundles


The powder-coated frame and a PE conveyor belt ensure a long service life


Proven mechanical and elektronic components are used for many years
General specifications
  • System integrated processing cabinet and binder positions
  • System length from 5,3 up to 24 meters
  • Belt width 600,  1.000 or 1.200 mm, pitch of roof belt can be tailored to your specs
  • Variable belt speed, max. 3.000 bunches/hour
  • Standard Single de-leafing system (variable speed), with 4 axle,  22 cm deleafing
  • Optional deleafing system (variable speed), with 4 axles up to 30 cm
  • Index board for flower length control
  • Up to 5 binders (fixed position)
  • Rotating saw (with 1,5 kW engine with brake) or cutting knife
  • Resilient cloth at end of the line (or buffer belt)
  • Option for integrated waste belt system, special buffer belt and System with photocell switch and step-less distance regulation between the bundles
  • Also emergency-stop and bunch counters are available

With the BTM flower processing machinery you can realize:

  • Cost Saving: The longer your season, and the higher your labour cost, the shorter your payback time.
  • Capacity Increase: On line can process up to 3.000 bundles/hour. Easy to work longer hours if needed.
  • Constant Quality: Every bunch will have the same finishing quality, independent of the labour used!

T4100 in action

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