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BTM Machines for your flowering process

BTM Glasshouse Logistics is the leading Dutch supplier of flowering process lines.
Starting 35 years ago, BTM has developed a wide range for the flower growers.
  • A wide range of machinery. From simple standard line to tailored special system
  • Very sturdy design: Our basic line you can run everywhere, even on sandy or un-even floors.
  • Highest quality standards: Even our "low cost" lines often run over 20 years.
  • Usage of standardized components: We only use industry standard components, and focus on easy to maintain systems. For you this will mean minimal downtime, and lowest cost of ownership.
  • Partnership: We are not looking for just a sale, we are aiming for long lasting customer relations
T2300 Chrysantemum process line

T2300 Chrysantemum

Flower Process Line
High end processing line for chrysanthemums and other flowers. With mini-PLC control system for an adjustable distance between the bunches an an optional bufferbelt step function.
T4100 Uniflor Flower Process Line

T4100 Uniflor

Flower Process Line
Universal flower processor for almost any kind of cut flowers. Ideally suited for the professional grower and bouquet makers. Available in bigger lengths with a full range of options.
Flower cutting robot


Flower Cutting Robot
The BTM cutting robot is the perfect addition to your BTM automated harvesting system. Available in different sizes,  this will help you to get a continous speed and flowers with a nice cut.
Internal flower transport

Path Units

Internal Flower Transport
For harvesting in the greenhouse, we offer the T-series with its hanging conveyor belts above the flowers. Easy to install and to move to the next bed. This will save you really a lot of labour costs!

With the BTM flower processing machinery you can realize:

  • Cost Saving: The longer your season, and the higher your labour cost, the shorter your payback time.
  • Capacity Increase: On line can process up to 3.000 bundles/hour. Easy to work longer hours if needed.
  • Constant Quality: Every bunch will have the same finishing quality, independent of the labour used!
FlowerHands is a tradename of Pack TTI bv
International trading company, focussed on supplying innovative mechanisation solutions for the Horticultural, Agricultural and Flower industry.

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