FlowerHands.eu is the portal for our (mainly Dutch based suppliers of) flower processing systems. Together with our suppliers and where available our local dealers, we offer you general information, tailored advise, solutions which fit your needs, adequate shipment and installation & after sales service.

The main products & solutions we offer, you find underneath.

Binding Systems

Axro 2Basic


The new low cost stand-alone binder, suitable for all small products that should be bundled with an Elastic string by hand. Up to 60 bindings per minute.

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Axro FQC2


The 2013 generation is better than ever. With a capacity of up to 100 bindings per minute, this machine is optimally sited for system integration.

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Binding Elastic


For all binding applications we can offer you top quality elastic, which ensures you trouble free binding.

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Label Binding

Cyklop Label Binding


The Cybutec binder with full-automatic labelling system adds online-printed thermo labels during the bundling process to the products. To be used stand alone or system integrated.

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Sroka Label Binding

sroka-labelbinding 5

The new SO 3000 processing line can bundle and label products in a single step! Is supplied as complete system.

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Flower Processing Lines

BTM T-1100 Compact

The BTM T1100 is a no-nonsense (cut)flower bunching line. Its sober and durable design makes it easy to install and to maintain. This makes the Millennia, in combination with a sharp price, very suitable for season harvestings and export regions...Read more


BTM T-2300 Universal


Especially for those customers who appreciate the simplicity of the BTM T1100 but who desire more functions, BTM developed the BTM T2300. Can be build up to 20 meters in length.

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BTM T-4100 XL


The T4100 can be called the "tough guy" of the flower processing machines. Because of its universal layout the T4100 can be used for almost any kind of cut flowers, for example tulips, roses, lilies, carnation flowers. Also the T4100 is suited to process bouquets. You can build up the T-4100 to every length!

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Flower Processing Solutions

Flex lines

T2300-flex-01Very easy to fit into your existing operation. Extremely flexible lay out, low cost.

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Single sided lay-up

T2300-one-one-01One long processing line, working places on one side. Optimal length control of your bunches.

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Double sided lay-up

T2300-two-two-03One long processing line, working places on two sides. Perfect alternative if the available space is limited.

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Harvesting & logistics

Greenhouse Harvesting

T-124-01Automatic greenhouse harvesting & processing systems guarantee you maximum productivity and minimum labour costs.

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Flower Cutting Robots

BTM-T437-long-3DThe perfect addition for your automated harvesting system. A wide range of machines ensures the perfect solution for most applications.

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Bucket Fillers

T400-02The BTM T600 bucket and tray pile unload and filling machine is designed especially for the needs of the modern grower

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Flower Grading

Basic Grading Systems

FMO-2500-08The Shinwa grading lines offers you an accurate sorting for Chrysanthemum with electronic or mechanic balance system, and can automatically bind bundles of 10.

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Camera Grading Systems

T8000-2Revolutionairy Technology: The cameras can select size, color, number of branches, number of buttons and other selection criteria. After this sorting the flowers are processed by our processing line.

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