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Flower process Accessoiries

For filling, sleeving, cutting and deleafing

  • High quality tools for your flower business
  • Made in Holland
  • Proven technology
  • Many options
Flower bucket filler and accessoires

Simple stainless steel
Bucket Filler / Complete Filling Line

For every size of flower growing company we offer a bucket filler system which will save you a lot of time!

The basic FH-BFT is completely made of stainless steel and offers a simple timer to get the right amount of water in the bucket. Only when the sensor sees a bucket, it starts filling.

The FH-BTM system is a complete automatic line which needs only the input of empty buckets. The system keeps on filling the buckets on the conveyor belt.

Bucket filler
Flower bucket filler

Stand alone Deleafers

For every flower company and shop we have the right deleafer.

Dutch Quality - CE standardization. Low noise level. 1 speed, 1 engine 0.33 kW.

flower deleafer

D2 - Flower deleafer

Heavy Duty incl. 2 motors

Incl. 2 sets of brushes. Soft brushes on the left for delicate stems. On the right, hard brushes for sturdy stems.
Dim .: 300 x 700 x 400 mm. 


H2 - Flower deleafer

Gear transmission

Left soft brushes for fragile stems. Right hard brushes for sturdy stems. Dim .: 700 x 400 x 260 mm.

H1 - Single Side Dim
260 x 700 x 400 mm.

flower deleafer

J2 - Flower deleafer

V-belt drive

Equipped as standard with brushes: On one side, hard brushes for sturdy flower stems, on the other side, soft for fragile flower stems for fragile flower stems.

J1 - Single side. Dim:
260 x 700 x 400 mm


Robust & practical Sleeve Holders

Entering the flowers in a sleeve has never been easier. Practical and cost saving
Sleeve clamp


Basic model operated by foot. Stable standard to clamp various sizes of sleeves.
mounting flower machine


Mounting on the table, with and without a table clamp - The table clamps are supplied separately as standard.
machine for sleeving flowers

XL flipover

Sleeves can be clamped in by swiveling the head - Height can be adjusted at various points. Available in 35 and 50 size.
clamb various sizes of sleeves for flowers


Stable standard to clamp various sizes of sleeves. Possibility to clamp on 4 sides, head rotates 360 degrees.

Field Harvesting System

Perfect for peony or paeony, red hot poker (kniphofia), alliums and more high flowers

Dutch Quality - Light and strong aluminum construction - Plug and Play behind your tractor

Peony field harvesting

The peony harvesting belt can be constructed up to a length of 14 meters and because of this long length it is ideal for harvesting plots with fixed paths. In combination with a box rotation system, one can speak of a continuous process and the best results are achieved. The possibilities with regard to the box rotation system are countless, please contact us for this.

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