Sroka Label Binding

System integrated label printer/binding solution, using adhesive labels.

The new bundles SO 3000 processing line can bundle and label products in a single step! The label size can be selected individually (see the specifications). The label is adhered to an elastic yarn, and gives a final label size from 45x31 to 75x31 mm. If desired, pre-printed labels with variable data can be supplied, or the labels are printed completely in a thermal transfer process or by direct thermal printing.

Spring onions, parsley, spinach, asparagus, etc., can be bundled and labeled at a rate of up to 3000 bundles per hour. The labels can be created with supplied software and fed to the label directly or via network.

Optional accessories: Soft-box for uniform and extremely smooth binding.

Main Specifications

  • Machine length: from 3 m working
  • height: 750 - 850 mm, adjustable Bundle capacity without label: up to 4500 bundles / hour.

  • Label format: +/- 31x 90 - 31x150mm
  • Power supply: 230V 50 Hz, +/- 2 kWCompressed
  • air: 6 bar (dry & clean)

Other power supplies on demand

Data subject to alteration

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