Cyklop Label Binding

Label printer/dispenser. To be used stand alone or system integrated.

The Cybutec Axro-FQC2 with full-automatic labelling system adds online-printed thermo labels during the bundling process to the products. Labels are placed under the elastic cords of the to be bundled products. The system consists of a label applicator with an integrated controlling system, a transport system, and a thermo printer with basic software. The system can be used both stand alone as system integrated.

How does it work?

The printer prints the labels (thermo paper roll 70-120mm diameters) while the integrated cutter cuts the strip at a before defined length. The string-transportation-system sets the label (printed side facing downwards) under the elastic cord of the bundling machine. The product is supplied on its side and takes the paper along while bundling it.


The printer is driven by the corresponding operating software. This software is completely adaptable to all common print formats (texts, barcodes and images like jpeg, tiff etc.). Images in different, rarer file formats can be converted by Cybutec.


  • Product: Thermo paper (120 grams)
  • Label format: Width +/- 30 mm (max.) x length +/- 40-70mm (different dimensions on request)


  • Capacity: up to 200mm/second
  • Dimensions: width 30 mm
  • Bench: aluminium black anodised
  • Weight:approx. 15 kg
  • Push-in: right to left
  • Resolution: 200dpi
  • Start:special sensor for synchronisation with the bundling machine