Greenhouse Harvesting

Automatic greenhouse harvesting & processing systems guarantee you maximum productivity and minimum labour costs.

The integrated harvesting – processing systems produced by BTM guarantee maximum productivity and minimum labour costs. The T 124 is the version with the integrated processing section on the main path. Very efficient, minimum costs. Flexible system can be moved freely in the Glasshouse.

The T 127 is the "big brother" of the T 124, where the processing section is separately placed in the pack-house. Specification to customer detail. Flower transport under the ground (T 512 system). Stationary system.

Main characteristics of the T 124

  • Developed for Chrysanthemum, also perfect for Lilly and Lysianthus
  • One system is sufficient for max. 3,5 ha glasshouse
  • Compact design, foldaway harvesting belt (max 100 m) for easy transportation
  • Capacity of max. 3.000 bundles/hour
  • Fixed de-leafing (single or double action, up to 22 cm effective length) and binder position