Bucket Fillers

The BTM T600 bucket and tray pile unload and filling machine is designed especially for the needs of the modern grower.

By using the newest available technology, the BTM T600 is a very silent machine; unnecessary dropping of buckets is in the past. The BTM T600 is a labour saving device, and because of the low investment costs this machine is available for every grower. Max. Capacity of 250 buckets/hour

The machine is fed with a buffer-conveyor belt, which can store piles of buckets or trays. The pile will automatically be unloaded and placed on the out-feed conveyor belt. The PLC unit controls the supply, so there is always a filled bucket available. The filling station ensures the correct amount of water in the bucket. If the BTM T600 is also equipped with the dosage unit, the correct quantity of fertilizer/antiseptic is mixed into the water.