Single sided lay-up

One long processing line, working places on one side. Practical capacity up to 4.000 bundles per hour on a double line.

Big advantage of the single lay-up line is that you can use an index board to exactly position your flowers on the belt, thus guaranteeing a perfectly uniform bundle length. It is important that you have enough space to work on, as you will need at least one meter of space for each worker on the line.

The processing cabinet can consist of a cutting knife or rotating blade, and can have one or two de-leafing stations.

By placing two binders apart after the processing cabinet, you have the opportunity to first lay-up bundles of 5 (for optimal de-leafing) and afterwards combine 2 bundles into one large bundle of 10 flowers! This way you can de-leaf even the most difficult flowers!

In the drawings you see two a single and a double line configuration. The last configuration also contains a waste deposit system.

T2300 Single Side Sizes