Flex Lines

Very easy to fit into your existing operation. Extremely flexible lay out, low cost. Practical capacity up to 2.000 bundles per hour

Big advantage of the Flex Line is that it uses a separate line for the lay-up of the flowers after preparation. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • Choose the length of the "in-feed" section, and place as many people alongside this line (on both sides) as you like
  • Use low cost existing (2nd hand) belts for the infeed if needed
  • Place the infeed line at a 90 degree angle if this is better for you
  • Make it most easy to integrate into an existing situation
  • Upgrade or adapt easily if your situation changes.

At the end of the in-feed section there is one person doing the final check, and placing the bundles on the BTM processing line.

The processing cabinet can consist of a cutting knife or rotating blade, and can have one or two de-leafing stations.

By placing two binders apart after the processing cabinet, you have the opportunity to first lay-up bundles of 5 (for optimal de-leafing) and afterwards combine 2 bundles into one large bundle of 10 flowers! This way you can de-leaf even the most difficult flowers!

In the drawings you see two different lay-outs. Of course we can tailor to your demand. On the video you see this operation in action. The video is taken in Okinawa, Japan, where many growers work this way.

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