T-4100 XL

High-end solution for lines > 20 meters!

The BTM T 4100 (successor of the famous T 4000) is a high quality machine, which answers to all expectations. Ideally suited for professional growers and bouquet makers. The heavy-duty under frame makes the T4100 stable. While developing the T4100 a lot of attention is given to ergonomics and durability. A very luxurious option is: by pushing only one button the machine adjusts itself automatically in order or process the kind of flowers the operator selects.

The T 4100-FS is a “Sroka Systems” modified version, tailored to the automated processing of short bouquets starting at 25 cm! The “FS” line is a special modified line, on which the (short) stems are “elevated”, so the bulbs are not damaged when processed!

See the brochure for details.

With the BTM flower processing machinery you can realize:

  • Cost Saving: The longer your season, and the higher your labour cost, the shorter your payback time.
  • Capacity Increase: On line can process up to 3.000 bundles/hour. Easy to work longer hours if needed.
  • Constant Quality. Every bunch will have the same finishing quality, independent of the labour used!