BTM T 2300

Developed for the Asian Market.

Variable system length of the line (up to 20 meters), with belt width of 700 mm, with supporting URB. Perfect for Asian specs for Chrysanthemum and more. The “roof-belt” has been constructed in a special way which ensures a very long life-time.

Extra’s compared to T 1100

  • Rotating saw (with 1,5 kW engine with brake) or cutting knife
  • Single or double de-leafing system, with 2 or 4 brushes/axle. De-leafing length up to 30 cm.
  • Variable binder positioning after the processing cabinet (2 positions included)
  • Resilient cloth at end of the line (or buffer belt)
  • Option for integrated waste belt system, special buffer belt and
  • system with photocell switch and step-less distance regulation between the bundles

With the BTM flower processing machinery you can realize:

  • Cost Saving: The longer your season, and the higher your labour cost, the shorter your payback time.
  • Capacity Increase: On line can process up to 3.000 bundles/hour. Easy to work longer hours if needed.
  • Constant Quality. Every bunch will have the same finishing quality, independent of the labour used!