BTM T 1100

Low costs entry model.

The BTM T 1100 is equipped with all the basic handlings for processing almost any kind of cut flower (chrysanthemums, alstroemeria's, roses, summer flowers etc.) and is easy to work with. There are a number of options available so the machine can be adjusted to customers' demands. The BTM T 1100 is equipped with a conventional operating system.

Standardly the machine is equipped with 2 input spaces, a shortening unit with rotating blade, a de-leafing unit, a binding machine and a resilient cloth. Available options are, among other things: expansion with a buffer belt, an extra binding machine and/or an extra input space.


The great advantage of the BTM T 1100 is its compact, solid and moveable layout combined with the very competitive pricing. See the brochure for details.

Main specifications:

  • System integrated processing cabinet and binder positions
  • System length 5,3 or 7,3 meters
  • Belt width 700 or 1.000 mm, pitch of roof belt can be tailored to your specs
  • Variable belt speed, max. 1.500 bunches/hour
  • Single de-leafing system (3 speed), with 2 or 4 axle, 15 cm or 22 cm de-leafing
  • Low maintenance rotating saw
  • Index board for flower length control
  • Up to two binders (fixed position)

BTM T-1100 Universal Bundling Line