Basic Grading Systems

The FMO-2000 and FMO-3000 type grading line offers you an accurate sorting for Chrysanthemum & more.
The systems have an electronic or mechanic balance system, and can automatically bind bundles of 10. The systems are equipped with a PLC-control, for perfect system operation.

By using the FMO-2000 system, you can increase your value in the market by supplying constant quality, and at the same time save on labour costs.
The FMO-2000 grading line is supplied by Shinwa Co, Japan.


  • Capacity: 2.500 stems/hour (FMO-2000)
  • 3.000 stems/hour (FMO-3000)
  • Grading: 5 grades, 4 graded bound
  • Weighing: Electronic (FMO-2000 & 3000ELC)
  • Mechanical (FMO-3000LC)
  • Binding: Polyethylene
  • Air: Integrated compressor
  • Weight: 600 kg
  • Power: 3 Phase, 200V + E