Axro FQC2

For binding, bundling and attachment jobs

The AXRO-FQC2 is the latest development in the field of modern binding technology. The AXRO-FQC2 is provided with a renewed “feed-in” mechanism, which takes care of the product being bound properly, in spite of a too early binding timing. This unit is also equipped with a knotter-release system (KRS), which controls the release of the knot. Due to this there will be pulled minimally at the product, so that there will be no damages. Wear at the knotter unit is, thanks to the KRS, reduced to a minimum, so that the reliability increases.

Capacity: up to 100 cycles/ minutes

Main specifications:

  • Compact and light construction on a flat noise reducing aluminium baseplate
  • Easy to build in an automatic system
  • Very reliable because of the renewed „feed-in” mechanism and KRS system
  • Resistant to wet and dirty products
  • Vertical construction or construction upside down
  • Stainless steel version or marine version
  • Extended in-feed depth 35 or 60 cm, or special height of 30 cm


  • Top switch
  • PLC version for contact exchange control line
  • “string-end” detection
  • 4-wheel support frame
  • Photocell start switch unit with timer function